Shipping to USA

When will you ship to USA?

is anyone from Philips actually monitoring this? ID#15140

@PhilipsNono need US shipping update.


@PhilipsNono @PhilipsSupport anyone looking at this question? Backer ID 16065

@PhilipsNono I already asked about this in the category on general shipping info but you didn’t get back to me. :-1:

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I still have received my shipment. How long will it take???

Contribution # 15140 what is going on with shipments to USA?

I have been following shipping and they are all starting with 155. Mine is 15978117 and i purchased since last year. Something doesnt make any sense here. Below is an example of next batch. this clearly shows these numbers are sequential so what year will i get mine if this is true ? I need to send an email to the CEO and board because this is terrible communication on Phillips part


Backer ID - 15900025
Backer Number - 18972

Hello - i’ve got a similar question to LMO1621. I live in the US and am hopeful to receive the projector soon - can you give me something to temper my expectations. Are we talking a month? a year? is shipping to the US on hold right now due to shipping costs and its unknown? has 80% of the list ahead of me been fulfilled?

anything would be helpful.


You can ignore the Backerkit ID numbers for all purposes other than searching the lists of projectors to be shipped for your own number. Those numbers do not reflect the shipping order.

No, cause the Backerkit ID has no correlation to backing order, as people who backed much later may have filled in their Backerkit surveys before others who backed earlier.
The shipping order is more or less decided by country they ship to, if there’s 200 going to country A and there are 300 backers there, then the first 200 according to the Indiegogo contribution ID will get theirs, regardless of other backers with possible lower numbers bit in other countries.

Thank you - this is very helpful. is there then a way to identify how many backers are from the US - and how many items have been shipped to the US?