Short press of focus key should allow immediate manual focus

Please make a short press of the focus key immediately allow for manual focus from current focus value. Then, a second press of the focus key would start the auto focus routine. Or, a long press of the focus button at any point should also start auto focus.

Yes, please. I like this idea. Sometimes I just want to fine-tune the focus a little bit and don’t want it to go through the full auto-focus motion.

Ideally, a normal (short) press would bring up the autofocus routine but would not engage it, whereas a long(er) 2-sec press would actually engage the autofocus routine.

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That’s what I was trying to relate…

  • Single short press: show focus “wheel”, allow left or right fine tuning of focus from current focus setting
  • Long press or double press: activate auto focus, allow manual setting of focus after auto focus is complete (as per current behavior)
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I think you shouldn’t go for a long press, because most people don’t read the manual and then they don’t know how to use the autofocus.

Best is as fhteagle suggested.
One short press brings up the focus wheel.
And while the focus wheel is on screen you can either press the autofocus button to activate autofocus or you can use left/right to manual focus.

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Unless you put that in the text shown on screen during the focusing. :bulb:


Mine wont launch autofocus on start up .and i dont have the remote keep looking for it cant find there a way to launch autofocus withouth remote ?

I take it you’ve completely searched the box through and through? It’s been a while for me but I seem to recall the remote being packed in a separate box inside the box, or underneath a piece of carton inside. Check to make sure you haven’t thrown away any part of the packaging.

There are more reports of people claiming that “Opened my package up and didn’t get a remote as per standard package.” The remotes however turned out to actually still be in the packaging, so please double check all nooks and crannies for a little white box (check from 4:09 to see the box it’s supposed to be in)

It’s in the small box separately, just not easy to take out - a piece of carton suppose to pull the remote out together just comes out itself :grin:

BTW - focus misses quite frequently, if not finishes the process slightly out-focused. Not a problem as I can fine tune very easily!!