Software avalaible ? and Update impossible

I Have a Screeneo S6 SCN650NT version 1.0.21.
I am well connected to the internet i can select and view some videos)
but when i try to update the last version (you told me in July), i have the message:
“Verify your connection to update the Screeneo”
1°) Can you help me to resolve this message ?
2°) is the last version (you told me in july) avalaible because i can’t use YOUTUBE Apps.

Thank’s for your answers.


Hello, indeed we are still working on it. We will send a message on our SN as soon as we have a new one/
What are the issue you have?
You can update APPS via the APTOIDE store for eg.

Thank you for both of you !

@PhilipsNono : Good to see that you are working on this update, I hope it will come soon this time :wink:

In my last messages i just Highlighted some issues on S4 and S6 Screeneo

  • Netflix definitions is limited to SD format … unfortunately for HD ( S4) and 4K ( S6) videoprojector it’s killing our eyes…
  • In France mycanal application is not working due to Google service missing from Philips side on the S4&S6 projector ( It’s a pity because mycanal is quite famous in France… and certainly a lot of apps are impacted by this google service missing on the Screeneo
  • Slowmotion is ok on S6 but not available on S4 ( despite it is a caracteristics sold… )

Are you going to release an update for S4 and S6 ?
Will it solve the issues I was talking about ?

Thanks a lot for your support !


Nota : A face book group is existing for Screeno S4/S6 user

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In my last mail, i made a little mistake, I was talking about the Flowmotion option and not the slow-motion :wink:
It’s working well on S6 but the parameter is not existing on the S4 despite you can find it on the technical documentation
Thanks again for your support !
See you