Software avalaible ? and Update impossible

I Have a Screeneo S6 SCN650NT version 1.0.21.
I am well connected to the internet i can select and view some videos)
but when i try to update the last version (you told me in July), i have the message:
“Verify your connection to update the Screeneo”
1°) Can you help me to resolve this message ?
2°) is the last version (you told me in july) avalaible because i can’t use YOUTUBE Apps.

Thank’s for your answers.

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Hello, indeed we are still working on it. We will send a message on our SN as soon as we have a new one/
What are the issue you have?
You can update APPS via the APTOIDE store for eg.

Thank you for both of you !

@Philips_Support_N : Good to see that you are working on this update, I hope it will come soon this time :wink:

In my last messages i just Highlighted some issues on S4 and S6 Screeneo

  • Netflix definitions is limited to SD format … unfortunately for HD ( S4) and 4K ( S6) videoprojector it’s killing our eyes…
  • In France mycanal application is not working due to Google service missing from Philips side on the S4&S6 projector ( It’s a pity because mycanal is quite famous in France… and certainly a lot of apps are impacted by this google service missing on the Screeneo
  • Slowmotion is ok on S6 but not available on S4 ( despite it is a caracteristics sold… )

Are you going to release an update for S4 and S6 ?
Will it solve the issues I was talking about ?

Thanks a lot for your support !


Nota : A face book group is existing for Screeno S4/S6 user

In my last mail, i made a little mistake, I was talking about the Flowmotion option and not the slow-motion :wink:
It’s working well on S6 but the parameter is not existing on the S4 despite you can find it on the technical documentation
Thanks again for your support !
See you

Hello PhilipsNono

Happy Xmas, I Hope you are safe

No news since 3 months…
What are the news for the Screeneo S4 and S6 software update ? are we going to have a present for this end of year ?
As you have seen in the exchange we still have blocking point on our projectors …As i wrote the hardware is really good but the software is really poor… if we bought this projector it was to have “all in one included” solution …but it if you do not have an apple tv or the broadcast system it simply unacceptable … I spent 1400 € to buy a 4K projector but the app netflix is projecting in SD format…In France we can use Mycanal app ( the most popular in France ) and all this is issue are due to Philipps issues …If I knew that i would bought competitive solutions less expensive with better hardware solutions…

I understand you are not personally responsible but we really need your support to escalate our issues to be prioritized

We are really disappointed



I have the same issue, update error message.
And the reason I’d like an update is that I can’t use the 4 corners correction : this gives me horrible framerate (below 24 fps)…

You plan to release a fix for this ?


Hello Guys,

1: we support only the apps we have preloaded. Concerning other apps like MyCanal: this is up to them to make a supported apps for our projector.
2: @yannouid are you getting this fps for outside content on HDMI or internal content?

Hello PhilipsNono,

Thanks for your quick answer,

As mentionned in comments section from 3 different persons in this nice review, the 4 corners algorithms won’t run at full 60 fps internal (netflix stock app) or HMDI out (chromecast ultra) if activated. Sometimes it gets better for a couples of seconds (with low movement maybe) but it starts shuttering right after. Sounds like a 20/25 fps.

I tried on 1080P or 4K content, and sounds similar. When disabled, the video runs smooth instantly. I tried a factory reset.


Hi all, it’s a known limitation of the projector, at 4K resolution when you apply the software-based 4 corner correction, the frame rate is limited due to less graphics processing power. This is OK for watching a movie at theatre frame rate, but achieving 30+ fps is not possible at this resolution.

Ok thanks for the answer. I’ll go with the perfectly positionned ceiling mount so.


Hi, do we have any updates to fix these issues?

What Is the latest firmware for the SCN650? And where can we download it?


Same issue to get interesting content using the S4 standalone with wifi connexion.
The software interface ans applications library are really shit.

I do not recommand anyone to buy these models at regular price until a major update is provide by Phillips.


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Hello, we are sorry to hear that. The S6 is based on an AMLOGIC CPU which can accept only Android 6.
Unfortunately we won’t be able to upgrade the OS as the hardware doesn’t support it. The S6 was sold with what we call Philips OS, a simple launcher with some built-in apps (Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime…). When we starting developing this projector back in 2017, Android TV didn’t exist on projectors and the only solution was Android 6. As you can understand, hardware is tight with operating systems and Android TV needs specific hardware.
The S6 is still a great projector with 4K and superior brightness and If you wish to get a full Android TV or install all your favorite apps, we suggest you to purchase an Amazon FireStick for 19.90USD/Euros, or connect any smart dongle/box which will give you the full experience.

Maybee if you see your site that is android on operating system: Screeneo S6 Home projector SCN650/INT | Philips

You will notice that your answer is wrong, no mention for Philips OS… This is Philips