Software Update in background

I would like to be able to download software updates while still being able to use the device to watch other items. As of 1.0.24, if you leave the software update screen, download will continue for some random amount, maybe 9-15%, then silently stop downloading. You have to go back into the software update screen to re-check and restart the download.

On my rural wireless connection the download can take a very long time. Best case scenario would be to be able to tell the PPMax to start the download, be able to go back to DLNA steaming or app, and PPMax would prioritize current video streaming packets, and download in the background as it can, and automatically re-start a failed firmware download in the background.

Good idea @fhteagle.
But there’s maybe an Android limitation (as you have on iOS) which “pause” apps which are running on background…

@Philips_Support_P : is there a workaround to achieve this good idea ?

Good idea. But we suggest using the offline update method since it’s working now. You do need a usb stick, but the download can be done in the background using Firefox on the PPX, or from any other computer.

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Thanks, it’s a good workaround, but as downloading in Firefox directly on the PPM why not allowing to save it in an “Update” folder and use it without USB stick ?
Maybe a future feature ?

Yes good idea. But it’s extra work and the team is stretched pretty thin working on high prio tasks. We’ll get to every suggestion in order.

No one is in a hurry.
But good to know that it is technically feasible and will be studied later.

May I suggest that if background download feature is to be implemented, kindly give us the option to turn it OFF. For example, maybe my WiFi is not so great and so I do not want any other background tasks that can potentially interrupt my main streaming or viewing experience. Thanks.

I agree the PPMax should not automatically start the download, as it could try to do so on a metered connection and use up all your high speed cellular data.

The offline download option is probably the best answer for me as well. There are plenty of ways to throttle a download on my Linux laptops…

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I saw we have limited votes so use them wisely :wink: Generally it’s a nice to have feature but not a must, so I’ll same my vote. :slight_smile: From my point of view it shouldn’t be something major to develop (simple cron in the software update or better yet a server side thing), but seems like a low priority at the moment - there are other more important stuff.
As a good UX would be to have a pop-up/notification something like Google Play Store/ App Store that there is a new version and you can either choose to install or not…but the next day/week once the job is triggered you’ll get the same.

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Yup, thanks I noticed. Already spreading love, but can’t like my own, haha. :slight_smile:

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I think this will a good feature to add… Voted!

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My PicoPix 5110 after a long using period cannot start properly: it remains blocks on the initial projection and no wireless updating it is then possible. I couldn’t find anywhere a downloadable firmare for a background updating