Some Netflix Films Leads to Restarting the Device

I am trying to watch Snatch on Netflix Canada (, but every time I play the film, the device restarts somehow. This does not happen to all the films on Netflix.

Can you try “Test Pattern”?
This happens on mine when I play any episode of that great series :smiley:
But so far, all others I played are fine. Probably there are certain bitrates or resolution or something that’s causing the reboot.

Thanks for the heads up, we’ll ask our codec engineers to check it.

Yes I confirm, I have the same behavior with Messiah episode 3: it reboots after the first seconds, while other episodes (at least the one I watched with the PPM) were OK

I think I’ve been hitting the same issue, however, I’m trying to reproduce again today with the same show as yesterday and I can’t anymore.
It has happened 2 days in a row and the symptoms are the same:

  1. Open Netflix
  2. Start a show
  3. Within ~10 seconds of starting the show, the PicoMax reboots.

The PicoMax firmware is:
Version 1.3.9
Build 1390

And the version of the Netflix app is the patched one.
For reference, the show that was exhibiting the issue yesterday was The Office s8 ep3 (connected to Netflix US, no VPN)

When I see it happen again, I’d be happy to provide additional details.

UPDATE: It just rebooted after watching one episode of a show on Netflix. It happened while one episode was ending and the next was starting to load.

UPDATE 2: After it reboots and a new episode of The Office is started on Netflix, it crashes immediately. I tried started other shows and they were fine :man_shrugging:t4: