Some software-design flaws to address

Hey Philips, Hey Folks,

Just received the PicoPix Max, neat and bright little projector. …and here are my findings.

I am in a room with no other IR radiation. No TV, no monitor, no fancy lamps.
Sometimes the volume UP is triggered by a ghost…when it hit max. I can hear the peeb sound. Happend 5 times in total so far.

When you set another orientation of the projector via the menu… the auto keystone calculation is still based on the std. orientation of the projector.

(EDIT: OBSOLETE - I missed the AirMote feature…pls. ignore (3.))
Why did you choose a IR Remote? The projector with its auto keystoning and 4-corner correction is ment to be placed at weird positions and is sometimes not operatable with the remote because the remote is IR and not a remote with a radio connection.

Volume is not adjustable via the volume buttons of mobile devices while screen mirroring or casting.

I was not able to find a manual focus in the software. The autofocus is good… but not always.

There is no manual keystone option. We need it because of (2.). Yes you can use the 4-corner correction… but if you not own a 16:9 screen you’ll never know if your aspect-ratio is right.

Picture setup is not accessible while you are watching content.

Digital Zoom is limited to -80%. This makes no sense to me. If I would like to place the projector 5m away from a wall which is blocked with two objects (closet RIGHT & picture LEFT) and I want to setup the projection between those two objects…I need to digital zoom it down to round a bound 30%. I understand that the digital zoom has a maximal MAX. but not why it is limited down at 80%. Yes I know…the picture quality will get worse…but please give us the option.

Airplay sometimes reaches 60 fps… the other casting option is more round a bound 15-20 fps. Tested with iPad Pro and OnePlus 6

Navigating the menu is too unsnappy. Feels like you are navigating a very first gen. Smart TV. Very clonky.

Okay… these are my findings so far. Don’t understand me wrong. You build a nice and ultra compact projector…just want to let you know where I as a consumer see room for improvement.

Thanks for your time.

Best wishes


The remote also supports bluetooth technology. I definitely recommend pairing it for best experience, but it’s currently harder than it should be. Consult FAQ: How to pair the AirMote?

Do you mean the “ceiling” orientation? I’ve found the auto keystone to tolerate pointing at a ceiling with that setting, there’s some cutoff where it switches. A manual keystone option should be provided either way haha

Everything else I agree with. I’ve seen the phantom volume change a couple times. Often soon after using the on-projector volume buttons so I suspected that was the source…

Hey danopia,
thanks for stepping in! Oh there is an Bluetooth option?.. how nice…I missed that… so I have to edit my post :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know!

Yes I mean the ceiling orientation…does not work for me when I place the projector at the foot end of my bed :slight_smile:

Best wishes

I have also to say that point 5 is also obsolete. Found it. When you do a Autofocus …after it is finished, you can fine adjust it with left and right! :wink: