Soundbar to complete the PPM movie experience?

Hey guys, I’m looking for a decent soundbar at a reasonable price (up to 500 EUR) to complete the PPM setup once I receive it (fingers crossed!), LOL! :slight_smile:

I’ll be using the soundbar as a TV and Bluetooth speaker, mainly for movies and tv shows. I’m almost not watching any Television lately, even considering to end my subscription.

Do you have any recommendations as I’m reading tons of reviews on the internet but most of them are paid. :slight_smile:


Following :slight_smile:

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I’ve got the LG SJ5 and it’s absolutely awesome.
I like the wireless sub since I hate too many cables

I love my Yamaha YAS207 (currenly usig with my TV). Minimalist design, wireless sub, virtual surround. A little pricier than other options, but u wont regret buying it. :smiley:

Im Thinking of a model of harman kardon citation Series.
Google chromecast Wi-Fi support & AirPlay 2 also of it Hoppfully comes to the PPM in a near Future. And bluetooth also.

And good sound too

Should be a good choise to solve the most of the problems i have with the PPM

I’ve got a Sony sound bar which works great the only bluetooth speaker in my house that don’t stutter with the ppm, it’s a couple of years old nowand the reason I chose Sony over others was it had 4 HDMI inputs, more than all the others, which if you were to connect to your regular tv it’s much more convenient, I can have my blueray playstation Apple TV etc all hooked up through it at the same time and never need to unplug one for the other

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I can’t recommend the Samsung HW-Q70R enough. It has built in upfiring speakers for Atmos channels and it sounds fantastic, even for music. You can also purchase wireless satellites and turn it into a surround sound setup at a later date if you choose.

You may have to shop around to get it sub 500 EUR but I managed to get mine a pretty steep discount.

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Thank you all for the recommendations.

@Tom_Green, I found the Samsung HW-Q70R for around 480 EUR with the sub. I’ll have to read some reviews cause I’m also considering LG SL8Y in this price range.

@imdevu, how long have you used the Yamaha YAS207? I see it’s a good budget option from the glass of LG SK/J8 but doesn’t have dolby atmos.

Not that I consider the dolby atmos that good on soundbars, but I want to invest in something more recent that’ll be used for the next 10 years (hopefully) :slight_smile: . Which would mean, various connectivity options (Bluetooth and ARC for sure), assistants like Google or Alexa are not needed (not fan of those anyway…except “Hey, Google, which is this song?” :slight_smile: , premium built quality and sound + supported recent formats.

Bought it in June 2018. so almost 2 years now. My TV experience changed significantly. I did not have space to lay out rear speakers and all. Note that the virtual options work decent enough. You cant emulate the actual experience, but the experience is quite satisfying.

I was just on the Yamaha website after posting this and saw minor revision is also available YAS -209. Go with the newer version if u are considering Yamaha.

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Let me know how you get on, the atmos effect is surprisingly good, it can be quite confusing hearing rain fall on you but you don’t get wet!

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Oh atoms is truly amazing. I recently setup a full 5.1.2 setup in a friends place and I never want to get out of that room. If only that was possible.

However we have limited content that has atoms audio currently. Almost nothing in Hindi (my native language).

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Ah that’s a shame, Netflix has been quite good at mixing new content with Atmos channels in English, hopefully this applies to other languages soon!

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cosider Sony HT-Z9F, support basically all common audio/ video format