Streaming on wifi in my bedroom

I want to use the PPM in my bedroom but the wifi isnt strong enough up there to stream media with a VPN .
Any suggestions?

You basically have three alternatives.

  1. If possible, download the content, put it on a USB stick or SD card, mount on the PPX and enjoy.
  2. Fix your wifi by changing to a more effective router or using a wifi repeater.
  3. Buy an USB-Ethernet adapter that works with your PPX and use an ethernet cable.

Cheers for the advice.

About that third option. How does that work? Theres no visible ethernet port on the PPM . I was thinking of buying an ultra long cable as I also want to watch live sports.

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That’s why @djupsjob mentioned USB to Ethernet adapter. Something like this:

Also you can adjust your router placement if possible, for better range (less walls between PPM and router = better)

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Just ordered one off Amazon together with a 30m cable.

The job’s a good un.

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On option 2, instead of an extender, you could install a Mesh network. They give an even strength throughout a house or apartment or condo.