SYoutube crashing on the same video

Hey guys,

Can someone just check this plays on theirs?

Mate tried sharing this on his iPhone onto the PPM, it worked with the video in the background, with a pop up menu, tried all options on the menu (don’t remember what they were exactly now) but they all let the audio play in the background while watching the SYoutube menu bizarrely. Almost like pressing 'back on the remote, but the audio still plays?

So instead I thought I’d just try searching for it and play it “locally” ? Well it keeps crashing the app, I can play other videos fine, but this video now crashes it.

Anyone have issues with crashes? And issues with YouTube video sharing?

We’re you using vp9 or avc? Also when you said your mate was sharing a video with his phone then maybe was that just casting on to the ppm and didn’t go through the s youtube app?

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I didn’t check the codec, I didn’t know you had a preference with YouTube?

We used the YouTube cast function yes, which in reality is basically sharing the video address I presume?

Will have another go later, she’s on charge currently.

Thanks for the input.

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