Technical Problem after use for 5 months

The Pico max was good when received, however, after update of software and being used for a few months, the follow problem occurs:

  1. Remote “Cursor” doesn’t show up on screen, although the LED light flashes on the remote.
  2. HDMI not always working, there may be bad contact due to quality problem
  3. Mirror Cast frozen, blurring, or off suddenly.

I can stand 2. and 3., but 1. seems like a defect, no idea how my remote can be repaired or replaced.

I am currently in SZ and it would be glad if Philips team can guide me where to go to fix my remote.

If you go into Blutooth settings, is your AirMote still listed as ‘connected’?

Hi @alfeeauyeung, could you please go to the Bluetooth settings, and Unpair your remote. Then, please pair it again. Instructions: How to pair the AirMote?

If this also doesn’t work, please check whether you can pair the AirMote to another device like your laptop, phone or tablet. This will help us identify whether the remote is faulty or not. I trust that you already swapped out the batteries just to be sure.

Finally, if the remote works on another device, but unpairing and re-pairing doesn’t work on the projector, please perform a factory reset as a last resort. Let us know if these suggestions resolved your issue.