The little “3 horizontal lines” icon not working.

Hello. My software version is 1.2.4 and Launcher version is 1.7.6 and the little “3 horizontal lines” icon on the top right corner of the apps grid, not working. Am i the only one with this problem ?

Hi @ppm_maniac can you describe what do you mean by ‘not working’? When you focus it with the arrow keys and press OK, does a popup window appear?

Hello. When I focus it with the arrow key (I have circle key with the little point in its center) and press OK, does not a popup window appear, nothing happens.

When you’re using the arrow key (with the circle on screen) you need to confirm (click), with the same arrow key (not the OK button)

But don’t use the arrow key when navigating through the menu.
The menu is designed to be used with the arrow keys [up] [down] [left] [right] [OK]

Hello Davy, I clicked on it minimal 100 times(with the same arrow key), nothing happens. I worked with IT about 30 years , so I am not new in it. Do you have the same software and launcher version as I ?

Today there is a launcher update. It may solve the mentioned problem, but the installation says, that all my data will be deleted and I don’t want that.


Today I installed launcher update 1.7.10 and now “3 horizontal lines” works well (but not with arrow as mentioned, but just with OK key).