The Netherlands Ziggo Go app isn’t working

I live in the Netherlands and have an account Ziggo ( tv provider ).
This provider had an app for watching tv true mobile devices ios androis etc.
I can’t get it to work because this version of android isn’t supported.
What can i do to make it work correctly so i can watch tv

I got ziggoGo to work, but the video isn’t smooth at all.

Hier werkt hij nu ook, maar inderdaad crappy…
Blijft wel aangeven Google Play Service moet opgehaald worden…

Can’t you watch Ziggo Go by watching it through the internetbrowser?
I think the internetbrowser Firefox is installed on the Picopix.
I don’t have the Picopix yet, so I can’t test it.
( Ziggo GO )

I tried: watching it through the browser results in low quality and choppy image/sound.

I am in Belgium and Telenet TV APP from Iphone to Google Chromecast of Apple tv. This ways it works very smooth. Using direct hdmi says it cannot play content, but also on tv (due to hdcp).
Audio cable to my Bose Soundlink II.

Nope … This isn’t working for me…
I got the app working but the streaming quality is buggy and verry slow streaming

Hoop wel dat het opgelost kan worden, is nl een van de redenen dat ik dit ding aangeschaft heb ipv een tv

Hoi, @magier76

I also live in Netherlands and installed Ziggo app but works fine on my ppm. I do not like the usability of app installed but streaming quality is sufficient enough

You may try

1-Screen mirroring from your mobile or pad if you have. I have not tried ziggo app but will try and inform you
2-Connection via a hdmi cable from your laptop(or mac, etc) please note that hdmi cables are different, I bought belkin hdmi to usb-c cable and succesfullu connect my macbook to ppm

works normal.
ziggo go version 2.3.44
launcer version 1.3.9
pico software version 1.0.25

Hi Th0ma5. Thhx. I checked app store and version Ziggo Go is currently 2.3.46. I do not assume this will
block functionality you experience with 2.3.44. I notice that real live content can be streamed from iPhone to TV (on holidays in FR) and none live content can only be viewed on iPad or iPhone. Question: can you watch/stream Ziggo Sport or any channel thru PPM… That’s what I want to see eg Olympics and of course iTunes content but that’s a different post on this platform.