The projector is not charging when it's powered off


The projector is not charging when it’s turned off. The led is not on anyway. When I turn the projector on, the led turns red and it shows that it’s charging. But when i turn off the projector everything (led) is off.

Here’s the description of what I have:

The projector is plugged & turned OFF -> LED OFF.
The projector is plugged & turned ON -> LED RED.
The project is unplugged & turned ON -> LED BLUE.

Can you help me please?


Hello @salimrahmani, do you have any other usbc devices? Can the supplied charger charge that device?

Hi @Philips_Support_P, yes I tried the supplied charger and it does charge my Macbook Pro.

I don’t think the problem is the charger because when I turn on the projector the Light turns RED. but I’m not sure if the battery will hold the charge since I can’t let the projector on for +3 hours to charge.

What about if you just keep it plugged in and powered off overnight? Even if the LED is not red, maybe it’s still charging. Let me know what happens. Maybe it’s a temporary workaround till we are ready to send a replacement.


I would suggest to install a battery monitor that I found in the aptoide store. It logs the battery status every 5 minutes, where you can see in detail what is going on. You can see the battery load percentage, voltage, whether ist charged (+) or not …


Hi @Philips_Support_P so you were right, it’s still charging even if the LED is not red. So it’s a helpful workaround.

Please let me know the procedure to get a replacement.


Hi, you can write to , explain the situation and request a replacement. I think you can also refer to this forum thread.