Time and date auto update



I’ve have problem with my projector, which is really a great product :wink:
I’ve managed to update it to 1.4 with some difficulties (multiple resets and a step with the 1.3) but it doesn’t keep date and time… The projector is connected to the internet but the auto time setting doesn’t work. Each time after powering the unit, I have to set it up manually… It’ doesn’t keep it even if powercord is plugged… A full reset doesn’t fix the problem and I can’t update it anyway because it says « impossible to check updates » (even with manually set up time)

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1: can you set manually the Timezone?
2: can you connect to the internet?


Thx for your answer, yes it is connected to internet and I can manually set the timezone, and also time and date (mandatory for web and streaming services). The most bizarre thing is that it doen’t keep the manually set up time when I switch it off even if I let it plugged…
Very very rarely it updates itself at boot (once on twenty), but most of the time it fails and I must set it manually after five minutes of waiting. It’s the same with the auto-update feature, most of the time it cannot check if a update is available despite being connected to the internet…
Sometimes it makes a chime sound five minutes after being powered on but this sounds seems related to nothing…
It looks like either a problem with the manner android check the ntp server, or a dns config problem…

OK we will check with our engineers. @PhilipsEngineering can you check this issue ?