Toggle 4th LED On/Off In Battery Mode

I’m enjoying my PPM quite a lot but I had to admit I always use it plugged in on Energy Saver mode, which for me is the perfect combination of fan noise and brightness.

While you can unplug and move to Normal mode for increased brightness, I get annoyed by the fan noise at that level. It’s too distracting already, especially during quieter scenes.

It would be really nice to have some sort of toggle to keep the 4th LED on while on battery mode.

Now, I understand that all the battery modes switch to 3 LED’s to last as long as advertised on a full charge, but as the claimed duration is 3 hours of internet streaming on energy saver (on 3 LEDs), then hopefully retaining the 4th LED would still allow for a 90 minute movie stream?

Hopefully this is something @PhilipsEngineering can comment on! I think it’d be a really nice feature.

Great idea, just voted I think it’s always good to give people the choice flexibility and freedom for each individual use case, although I did order(backed) a power bank that is suppose to be the most powerful so I’m hoping when plugged in it will trick the ppm in to thinking it’s on mains power and trigger the 4th LED, now if you don’t mind check out my feature suggestion for an Ad Hoc feature for casting Casting without wifi or data

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I watch late night in bed and always on eco or els it’s to bright but when battery getting low I need connect the charger and then even eco getting to bright because of automatic 4th led turns on

Would be good to have the option to have that extra light on or off , it would also charge little faster .

What you think

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