Tricks to increase zoom

I am using the PPM regularly using the tripod on a couch table in front of me. Since I am using it nearly every day I am thinking about a permanent position on a shelf behind me.

This creates the problem that the image will be larger than my screen. Distance from beamer back to screen would than be 4,3m. My screen is 2,4m x 1,8m. Even with the implemented zoom, the image is larger than the screen.

Are there any tricks to increase the zoom? Maybe some apps that can do this? Or some additional hardware to mount on the front?

Thanks for your help.

A little background: PPM is my first beamer and I would not have thought that it can replace my TV. But now I am using it every evening. For the future I plan to buy a non mobile 4k beamer. But I need to save some money first and these monsters need to get cheaper and smaller. Until then I would like to setup the ppm permanently for more convenient usage.

You can combine the digital zoom and 4 corner correction to have a smaller image. Note though that the performance is worse when 4 corner correction is used as opposed to when automatic keystone is enabled.

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Thank you Kugiigi! This works! Image now fits perfectly on the screen.

The further distant position on the opposite wall comes with a decrease of brightness and unhappy comments from the wife. Having the beamer on the wall instead of a nice picture needs some discussion. But this I might need to do on my own without your help :wink:

I hope others might also find this trick helpful.

Another option if that is possible is to ceiling mount it, but a lot of variables too come in to place, such as your ceiling height but if done right it’s the perfect solution as it’s out of the way

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You could also try mounting it under your coffee table, that way you get the best of both worlds, out of the way and a nicer picture.


You can try an anti-light screen if the people watching are usually in the middle. There are cheap ones and they do work albeit a very limited viewing angle.

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Thank you, you wonderful people of the internet :slight_smile: I am happy with the tricks & tips.