Trouble accessing SMB shared folders over local network

The title quite sums it up: I am not able to access a Windows Samba shared folder on the projector.

The projector is wired to the local network through an Ethernet cable (that also allows it to access the Internet). My computer is running and gives access to a specific shared folder that includes video files.

Whereas other screens (an Android TV box, my smartphone) can access to this folder using VLC media player, it is not true with the projector. I can see the SMB folder, but it appears empty or raises an error (“VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘smb://Folder_Name’.”) when opened.

I also tried to get it through Kodi but to no avail: it says that the access to the shared folder is denied.

I managed to access some files (with VLC, it is not working with Kodi) through UPnP, but if anyone has an idea to get SMB shared folders working on the U5, I would be glad to read it.

Thanks a lot!

Hi there, following the discussion, got similar issue

I have installed KODI and it accesses my SMB shares fine, I find that sometimes you need to use IP address rather than the server name/device name to access, if you check your KODI log, could you see if it’s erroring on the server name or IP address access?


I got to finally access my SMB shares a few days ago. It was erroring for both the IP address and the server name, but I managed to get it working (both on VLC and Kodi) by adding my login and password in the host address (login:pwd@host).

Hoping it can help!