U4 Frame Rate Distortion

Similar to others on the IndieGogo discussion, I am having issues with stuttered / slowed frame rate using the 4K Chromecast with Google TV. The Chromecast is set to project 1080p 60hz, per the recommendation of the Philips team.

This uneven playback makes the device unusable for its primary purpose. Can we please have an update on the investigation into this issue? How can the community best support Philips with troubleshooting and device data to resolve it?

Hello Ryan, we will test this on Monday.
Are you using any of the 4 corner/V/H correction of just straight in front of the wall ?
Can you send us a video ? That would help a lot

I’ve been using manual keystone and then switched to v/h recently.
Per your email, switching to UHD on AND Game mode did solve the frame rate distortion problem, but it also disables v/h correction so now I have good video streaming but the picture isn’t squared to the wall.

I’ll try and find a good show to capture the distortion and send video by email to the ticket I have open with you.

Hello Ryan, we are working on this lag issue on 1080p this week :slight_smile:

Looks like the new fw update resolved this issue - thank you!

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