U5 ceiling/wall mounting for 80" screen

Has anyone found a mount that allows you to easily mount and calibrate the position of the Philips Screeneo U5 UST (SCN550) projector over an 80" screen?

Unfortunately, all the wall mounts I’ve found are too long to mount the U5 projector so that the projector cabinet is 9.6cm from the screen (which gives an 80" image).

The items I verified are:

front/rear adjustment: min. 32.5 cm max. 74cm

front/rear adjustment: min. 36cm max. 66.5cm

front/rear adjustment: min. 40.7cm max. 82.2cm

Has anyone been able to fit a handle that meets the U5 requirements to achieve an adjustment that gives an 80" screen?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

I’m using an NEC NP04WK1 with a custom made plate to adapt the U5 to it, it has just enough adjustment against the wall for 80” projection. Also allows plenty of knob adjustment for other axis. Plenty of outwards adjustment for much larger projection size too if needed.

The custom made plate is simply a 4mm thick piece of aluminium plate with holes drilled to suit.

Thank you,
an adjustment capabilities and size looks great, only I’m a bit afraid about load capacity, which is defined as 7kg (15.43 lbs) . U5 weight is 9.7kg (21.38 lbs)

Last time I found wall mount PMVmounts SVPMST0002 (PMVULTRASHORT)

Adjustments, projector-hold-plate and weight looks fine, but the NEC NP04WK1 looks definitely more stable.

The NEC mount is very sturdy with solid metal rails. Mine has been secured into the wall using decent gauge screws into multiple studs within the wall and the mount itself doesn’t move even if you try to move it on the wall, so I’m not worried about my U5 falling, but I’ll let you know if it does fall off the wall. :grin: