Universal Remote

Has anyone found a better remote for the U5? The default remote is pretty basic and it messes with my air circulating unit (which I have to turn off now) I’m also finding myself having to raise my arm and get the right angle to use the included remote.

I could use a good universal remote. Anybody have any suggestions that would be an improvement?

Pair it to U5 as a bluetooth device then cover the IR emitter on the front of the remote?
A universal remote probably won’t save you as it will have to use the same IR frequency/commands to talk to the U5. From other posts it might be possible to send U5 commands over an RS232 cable.

Anyone else have issues pairing the remote in Bluetooth mode? I’ve pressed the 2 buttons simultaneously so many times, from less than 1m away to less than 1cm, at various angles, standing on one leg, chanting, hopping, still have never obtained the flashing light to say I was paired. It’s really frustrating. It’s not like I can’t follow instructions - I have a Kogan TV running Android TV too and never had a problem pairing the remote! Because of that, I want a better Bluetooth remote too!

Yes this frustrated me too. What is not stated is first navigate on projector settings to the Bluetooth devices pairing section using remote IR. THEN start pairing process on projector. THEN push the two buttons simultaneously to tell the remote to pair to the projector. Like you I wore my fingers out before I finally guessed to do this first.

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Got my unit yesterday. It has been very difficult to do the Bluetooth pairing. It eventually worked as explained by Jeltz (thanks!), but the remote had to be precisely in front of the beamer, ± 80 cm away, precisely aiming straight at it. Maybe there were other factors I haven’t seen e.g. proximity to other BT devices or what. I can’t believe the number of attempts it took. So don’t despair, don’t throw it through the window (I was close to it), it does eventually work, and indeed the remote works better that way