USB-C input with Firestick or Chromecast w/Google TV

Hi everyone!

I have both the new Chromecast with Google TV and an Amazon Firestick 4K. I would like to keep both of them plugged-in, so one of them would need to use the USB-c input and the other HDMI. (The reason? Apple TV+ is on the Firestick, Viaplay is on the Google one. Crazy I know.)

Alas, no matter what HDMI to USB-C adapter I try (I tried 2), no luck on getting a signal. It’s a fringe use case I know, but throwing this out there in case you found an adapter that works?

Hi @sweslac - Can you get an adapter with both sides female (female USB-C on one side, female HDMI on other side). More like an extender.

Try plugging the Firestick or Google to HDMI end. And on USB-C end connect the PPMax black power cable. Other end of that cable connects to PPMax USB-C video input.

Reason: as per my understanding, the USB-C video input only works with PPMax black power cable.

So my guess is if you try this, it may work.

Totally worth trying, but unfortunately, no go. If I connect the USB-C cable to my ipad pro, it works fine. But if I do Chromecast HDMI to USB-C to Female/Female Adapter to USB-C Cable… no go.

Thanks for the idea though! I appreciate it!

How have you found the Chromecast with Google TV compatibility with the PPM?

I’m sick and tired of having to constantly update all my apps every time I want to use my PPM and most of my apps need to be sideloaded. It can take hours of pre preparation just to have the PPM updated and usable for ‘movie night’.

I’ve basically given up entirely on the ‘smarts’ side of the PPM and investigating options to use a dongle.

Specifically I’d love to hear if you are:

  1. pairing the chromecast to a Bluetooth speaker
  2. Can adjust volume using the chromecast volume buttons (whilst paired to the BT speaker)
  3. Managed to map the Chromecast Power button to be able to turn on the PPM.

For bonus points I’d love to know if you have managed to pair a game controller to the Chromecast and if it works well.