USB-C input with Firestick or Chromecast w/Google TV

Hi everyone!

I have both the new Chromecast with Google TV and an Amazon Firestick 4K. I would like to keep both of them plugged-in, so one of them would need to use the USB-c input and the other HDMI. (The reason? Apple TV+ is on the Firestick, Viaplay is on the Google one. Crazy I know.)

Alas, no matter what HDMI to USB-C adapter I try (I tried 2), no luck on getting a signal. It’s a fringe use case I know, but throwing this out there in case you found an adapter that works?

Hi @sweslac - Can you get an adapter with both sides female (female USB-C on one side, female HDMI on other side). More like an extender.

Try plugging the Firestick or Google to HDMI end. And on USB-C end connect the PPMax black power cable. Other end of that cable connects to PPMax USB-C video input.

Reason: as per my understanding, the USB-C video input only works with PPMax black power cable.

So my guess is if you try this, it may work.

Totally worth trying, but unfortunately, no go. If I connect the USB-C cable to my ipad pro, it works fine. But if I do Chromecast HDMI to USB-C to Female/Female Adapter to USB-C Cable… no go.

Thanks for the idea though! I appreciate it!