USB-LTE-surfstick compatible with PPM

Hello, since the microsd-slot is unfortunately not able to host a sim-card (which is a for a portable, mobile device with Android a big miss), I’m wondering which usb-lte-surfstick you can recommend for using it directly with the ppm?

My mobile plan features a videopass, which means I don’t need any gb for streaming with videoapps. But: this works only when the sim is directly used, not via hotspot-function.

Help would be appreciated. And maybe this would be a big hit for the ppm2, along with hdmi-arc, hdmi-4-c-c, and bluetooth working with hdmi-input.


Can you maybe use USB Tethering from/with your phome instead of WiFi Tethering?

No. Like I wrote, to get free streaming the sim must be recognised as an internal part of the android system. Hotspot/Tethering is not an option unfortunately.

That’s why its so sad that Philips missed the chance to do the portable/mobile thing 100 percent right.

Making it a phone would have brought a ungodly mess of certification issues and impacted the cost significantly, and that just to cover some corner case like yours, which is understandable, yet still a fairly uncommon need.


? nobody’s speaking bout a phone. But a built-in-simcard-reader.

It’s classed as a phone if it’s got a sim card… You need a GSM modem which transmits, aerials, etc - not just a sim card slot.

Most mifi devices share a connection from 1 mac address - they act as a router.

I’ve used my mifi with all sorts of countries aims - not usually an issue… But obviously might be with yours.

I understand your use case because of the free video streaming, but I think the amount of people using that are limited. Putting a 4g connection in the ppm involves a lot of extras. I think most people will be fine by using a mifi. Maybe you can screencast to make it work?

Do you have a phone with video out through MHL, USB-C, etc? If the phone is downloading, rendering, and outputting the video to the PPMax, your problem is solved.

I agree with others that I would not want the PPMax to have rapidly changing cellular technologies inside of it. That money is better spent on periodic phone upgrades…

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Of course the p10 does not offer video-out via usb-c. Thanks for your thought, unfortunately this doesn’t work. Maybe Miracast will do.

But to be honest, I consider phone-upgrades absolutely not sustainable or even necessary. My P10 is three years old now, and it works absolutely fine. So there’s absolutely no need for an update just for the sake of an update.

Besides, 600 Euro > 60 Euro for an usb-lte-stick.