Useless HDMI and Issues with Fire Stick

HDMI is quite useless without 4 corner correction on a portable projector like PPM where the idea is to be flexible with its placement. Dont understand why there is even a HDMI, company could have saved money here for other improvements like a better/stronger SoC. Tried my device with FireStick on HDMI and got so distorted display, very frustrating. Where is any engineering or design logic?

Now issues with Fire Stick on HDMI:

  • Audio doesnt work in PPM if audio settings in FIreStick are on Auto/Best Selection. Only works when manually changed to Stereo. Then also audio would not be controlled by volume controls on FS remote.

  • Secondly, with FS on HDMI, colors surely more livid. Compared by playing same video clip on Youtube natively in PPM and then on FS over HDMI. BUT image highly pixelated over HDMI.

Excuse my harsh words but the more I try to convince myself in favor of PPM, the more it annoys with its lack of capabilities to be branded as a Philips product. Feels so cheated every time I use it.