Using a Telconverter for more Zoom (doesn't work)

Hi I @all!

I tried to use a Teleconverter for more zoom because I want to place the PicoPix further away - I tried 2 models but the results are not satisfying - see my pictures below and read more here: PicoPix Max Teleconverter Test für mehr Zoom am Mini-Projektor | PJD's Blog

So in the end I have to get myself a Siemens Lufthaken to hang it up in the middle of the room Siemens Lufthaken – Stupidedia

Yes I know there is a digital zoom, but

  1. not for HDMI
  2. you loose resolution

Nice documentation! I had a similar problem and a nice user gave me the tip to use the manual 4 corner correction to make the image smaller than zoom could do it. This should also work on HDMI but comes with some loss of resolution.

No it won’t.

Hi all,

Foud this : ScreenStar Conversion Lenses | Navitar Optical Solutions


Hi Antoine,
interesting product - i asked Navitar for the price:
1.500 US$ for 1,2x
2.900 US$ for 1,5x
→ For this I could buy 2 more (bigger) projectors for every room :smiley:
But actually I now use the 4 corner correction because I found its better to have the Picopix next to my bed instad of inbetween us. With the new feature to correct the centerpoint it is usefull!

Very expensive sadly :frowning:
Have you find an other cheaper solution since ?

Hi Antoine!

No, I still use the 4-corner (or better 5-corner) correction and its ok…