Video color is way off

Hi guys,

I have just received my ppm and I love it when seeing the youtube with my mobile throught Type-C cable.
I think the overall video quality is full HD except the colors are way off, specially for the blue color.
The blue color looks most likely to purple…when I compared my mobile color and the ppm video color.

Does anyone also find that issue ?
How can I adjust it?

Try and see if this topic might be of help to you INFO: How to improve internal video picture quality?

yes, i tried it before but not help.
The blue sky in youtube still looks like purplish.

Can you take pictures of the same YouTube movie played back by the builtin YouTube app as well as with the YouTube images being fed through USB-C?
And when you do so, please try to have a white sheet of paper in the picture as well, for color temperature calibration purposes.

Please tell us which firmware version you are on and which mode you’re using (Energy Saver, Normal, Presentation). Old firmware versions had a problem with some video settings not properly configured. Presentation mode isn’t calibrated well because its main purpose is to have max brightness possible.

You can also check other displays and compare. Not sure how way off you think the color though.
But in any case, you can’t expect PPM to have the same colors/quality as your phone especially if it has OLED.

First of all, thank you for the PPM, despite some defaults that you seem to be working on (for me the main negative point is that I’m projecting from the side, and the picture is completly distorted after setting the 4 corners, but I believe I read that it’s on a to-do list for the engineers), I love it.

On the color matter, I updated my firmware to the 1.0.29, but still when I go to Black level - Lagom LCD test, I can only see the last row. I tried using saver mode and normal mode. I tweaked in every possible way the contrast/brightness/saturation/sharpness, the best I can get is by lowering sharpness to 0, saturation to 30, brightness to 52, contrast to 39, but I’m not satisfied at all with the result. Is there any topic I missed or maybe a message I missed from someone saying that he got better results with other values than mine ?

Thank you very much for your help.

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Hello @Nico-P could you please follow these steps: How to improve internal video picture quality?

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Suite du sujet Video color is way off :

Hello @Philips_Support_P I followed the steps, it improved a bit, but there is stil something off, and I don’t know what to use to calibrate it properly. Whenever I’ll have the moment to get into it and spend some hours on it, I’ll keep you posted !

Hi @Philips_Support_P, so I managed to find a somewhat satisfying result. I followed the steps from before, and I also touched a tiny bit at the Saturation, putting it right before the Tone round marker .
Then in the usual picture settings, I put Brightness to 52, Contrast to 56, Saturation to 51 and Sharpness to 0 and for me it’s good enough.
I haven’t tested the new firmware update though, i’m still on 1.0.29.
Have a good day !

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