Videoproblems with Airplay

Hi guys,
I try to use my PPM Via Airplay with different divices (Ipad/Iphone/Macbook). I can always connect to the PPM and in the case of the MacBook even see the workplace/homescreen. But if I try to play a video the Player stays Grey and only the sound is transferred. In windowmode I can see the workplace but the windowed player stays Grey.
With Iphone and Ipad all videos play only the sound. YouTube, Amazon and even my own self shot videos from the photo app.
What can I change to get the video running? Or is this problem related to the missing AirPlay2 Standard?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @KiKo

It’s weird, because for me Airplay works like a charm, of course when I cast non DRM protected content :thinking:

Have you managed to cast to another device ?

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Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I do play all of my divices on my AppleTV perfectly fine. I will upload a video tomorrow. Maybe this will help to better understand the problem. And I plan to change my router. I’ve read that this helped somebody else.

I don’t understand what happens.
@Philips_Support_P, an idea ?

So. After a restart of my router, I now can send my own videos via Airplay.
But my DVD content stays Grey. Sound work
KS perfectly fine.

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I think this might be DRM blocking the stream. It becomes grey as soon as you turn on mirroring. The same happens if you play Netflix in your browser and try to screen mirror it.


OK. I did not know DRM is working when DVDs are played.

Thank you. So I will wait for an answer or solution of the DRM problem.

Ok, the behavior is now as waited after the router reboot :+1:.

For DRM, the best is either :

  • Finding your movie on an embedded app as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc… and playing it.
  • Ripping your own DVD and removing DRM, therefore you can play it with AirPlay.
  • … the third solution is not legal :wink:.

Ok, this is already nitpicking, but depending on your location even solution #2 might be illegal. Not that I necessarily discourage doing it anyway, just something to be aware of.


You’re right, but in France we are allowed to make a “private copy” of DVD we own :wink:.
Talking about DRM removing, it’s more blurry, but tolerated…

Yes, it’s specifically the removal of DRM that creates the legal problem. In some countries it’s considered legal for private copies, in other countries circumventing any copy protection makes the whole thing illegal.

Hi, so this means any content I have purchased from apple can still not be cast? As mentioned previously, I just get the grey screen and subtitles!

Probably not, no. That’s how DRM works.

AirPlay, no, but you can project it :

  • through HDMI :
    • directly from an AppleTV
    • with an “lightning to HDMI” adapter for iPhone or iPad.
  • through USB-C, for Mac or Windows PC (not always compatible for both).
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Hello everyone,

From few weeks, my airplay do not work very well.
I am able to share the screen of my laptop or iphone in airplay, but if i use a streaming website and try to share the movie with Airplay it doesn’t work.
The screen is black, i can see my pico trying to load the movie and after a couple of seconde automatically back to “home”.

Work pretty well on my TV with Apple TV but not anymore with my Pico/Airplay.

Any idea ?

This sounds like a DRM problem. Streaming services are sometimes quite restrictive with what they allow to be done to their video streams. Many of them prohibit casting it.