VLC version and SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) Video

Hi everyone, users and Philips PicoPix Max Dev team,

Till now I’m still enjoying my PicoPix Max (bought on Indiegogo during 2019 campaign).
I have a question regarding VLC and SRT video protocol, Windows VLC versions above 3.0.8 (out on 2019-06-12) can read.
My PicoPix Android TV Version 1.3.0
VLC Android TV Version : Rev 13e15aa9d VLC : 38efa6451 (2021-01-20)
As VLC versions in windows (above 3.0.8) can read SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) Video and Audio transmission protocol, I was wondering if there’s a way to update VLC Android TV version… Or do we need a new PicoPix firmware (last one July 2021) ?
Here’s a tuto about VLC & SRT protocol : https://www.kiloview.com/downloads/User%20Manual/SRT%20related%20manuals/VLC%20settings%20for%20SRT%20-en.pdf

Thank you for your answer !
Kind regards.