Volume control needs amplification capability (>100% volume)

Newer versions of Android allow the volume to be scaled over 100%. The PPM needs this option, because some videos are otherwise too quiet when using the built-in speakers.

(Scaling over 100% can be done without clipping or distortion by using a nonlinear waveform scaling or power spectrum scaling algorithm.)

In my observation, the volume on PPM is lower than my old projector. So this could be useful.

Hey Luke, I believe if you are using VLC player it allows for such amplification over 100%? Can you please check as I don’t have the PPM yet, but I think this is how it worked on my xgimi.

Hey Velislav, I can’t get the volume control in VLC to work. It shows the use of what looks like up and down buttons for both brightness and volume controls when you first start playing an app, but pressing up and down just brings up an on-screen menu.