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We are ramping up our App Store development for the NeoPix 320 and PicoPix Max, and we’d love to hear from you! You may have noticed numerous new apps appearing on the MORE APPS section of the Home Screen over the past two months, and we’re eager to get your input. Which apps would you like to see? Share your ideas with us, and we’ll test them before releasing them on our products.

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I’m actually pretty shocked the Max is still being supported.

So thank you, this is a welcome update.

Welcome ! yes we have sent many new apps to the Max since the past 6 months and also updated the launcher/Home Screen

Hm I have had this ‘No apps available online’ notice for months now. Is the a way to trigger updating the launcher? I’m at 2.4.4 build 2023060801 (picopix Max (620)

Fixed it by removing all updates of the screeneo launcher app (in Android settings). Now I have 2.5.8

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