Vudu not displaying full resolution

Since you’re fixing Netflix , YouTube, prime to display full 1080p can you also fix the vudu app. Thanks!!!

Hi there! In fact we cannot fix all apps, those are 3d party developers and contacting all of them for all countries would be too time consuming.

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Vudu/Walmart is as widely used as prime video though. People who own movies in the USA purchase mainly from ITunes , vudu , prime , or google and some movie digital slips that are from Blu-ray’s are redeemed in vudu.

Have you tried contacting Vudu? I already mailed 2 of the apps that I would like to use with PPM. After all you are paying (I guess) to Vudu and it’s up to them to deliver to any device that their users would like to use, right? After all PPM has done what it was up to them - they have got the so very important for such services Widevine L1. So its now up to the services to whitelist the new device - Philips Picopix max. And it is the better approach instead of PPM patching some old app version as with Netflix.

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I’ll contact them /see if the new firmware update makes a difference first.

For image colors and other things that are described in the IGG update - yes. For Vudu - for sure the firmware update will not bring any difference.