Welcome screen always comes up

I also upgraded to 1.3.0 and had the forced autofocus problem which was fixed per the suggestion above.

After the upgrade I also get the “Welcome” screen every time I power up, asking me to set the language and timezone.
I have to hit the HOME button two or three times to get back to the home screen, and it always has remembered my language and timezone anyway.
Is there a way to turn off this auto-welcome screen on powerup?

Hello @SandMan please go through the welcome setup process once, it will only take a minute or so. After that you will no longer be asked to repeat it.

Or, after 5 times canceling, it will no longer start.

Tip: when you’re sent to the language, date/time or wifi screens from the welcome setup app, press the BACK key to return to it and continue the next step, don’t press the HOME key as it will terminate the setup and you’ll be asked to start again next time.

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That did the trick, thank you!
I had to try 3 times, as navigation through the welcome setup was a bit flaky, but it eventually managed to execute completely.
When I hit the back key (NOT the Home key) the first 2 times it kicked me right back to the home screen,

I do appreciate the effort that you guys put in to help us all work through these things, and I LOVE my PPM!