What are the limitations on mass storage connection via USB connector?

What is the maximum size of a thumb-drive, SSD or harddrive connected to the USB connector on the PPM? What file system(s) is/are supported? Can a SSD and/or harddrive be powered through the connector?

There is no limit for USB drives and Pendrives. The host device does not care because these devices have built in controllers which handle them internally. USB is merely a protocol to communicate.

USB does not output enough power on its own to power HDD drives. Usually older 5400RPM drives had at least two USB cables to use power from two USB sockets, but that won’t be enough for faster 7400RPM HDDs

Thanks! Do you know which file systems that are supported?

I have a 1TB HDD from WD that is powered and connected via a single USB connection, so in general it is possible.

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My 4TB seagate backup plus hard disk lags when accessed by ppmax in menu and stutters during video playback.

Spins at 5400rpm and consumes 4.2W at peak according to similar model 5TB, does ppmax supply enough power for it? @Philips_Support_P

That seems to indicate that it’s a USB3 drive (where the maximum power allowed is 4.5W) and should be OK, but there are indications that there might be a current limit that isn’t correctly set up in the PPM. If the PPM is supposed to be able to function as a Power Bank then the VBUS source should be able to handle at least 1.5A (7.5W) or even better 2.1A (10.5W).

How are the USB VBUS load switches set up in the PPM @Philips_Support_P? Are they dynamically configured or there’s a static limit?

Man, still waiting for an answer