What USB-C cable do I need to power the PicoPix Max?

Hi all,

I want to replace the cable that came with the projector for a longer one, due to how I have it set up, but the USB-C standard is pretty confusing. Can anyone confirm what specs I should be looking for on my cable?

I will likely be ordering from https://www.av-cables.dk/ as I need something else from there and they seem to have a variety of cables with different specs.

I will be using the provided charger as well, if that makes a difference,

Hello @Sri.Theo for charging, you need a USB-C to USB-C cable that can support 4A (100W). You can use a 3A (60W) cable but only when the projector is set to Energy Saver or Normal modes.

If you need to transfer video, make sure the cable supports this. It should be written in the cable’s description.

Long cables that support both video and 100W charging are generally expensive, so you may consider two separate cables, one for charging and one for video. Both can be used simultaneously on PicoPix Max.

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