What's the best (light weight, portable, inexpensive, quality, good size) screen to buy?

Easy to setup? If it’s 80"+ screen will it be heavy? Weather proof? Durability?

Thoughts on where/what to buy?


I bought this one for outdoors:
Amazon link


Would it be too big for outdoor? It seems to be foldable, can I fold it and bring it out :smiley: ?

I’m very happy with the screens of EzCinema. They are lightweight, portable, foldable and quite stable outdoors and indoors.

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yes its foldable as it is a piece of cloth with black background so there is no light loss as with other who advertise you can project from the back :slight_smile: I like it. mine is 120” but i guess you can get smaller

nice. but not portable enuf. awesome for backyards

found some knockoff in jack ma’s site lol

For people new to pico projectors and considering to buy a separate screen. I have had earlier picopix model since 2014 and:
I) It still is working very well (just watched a movie with friends last night on 720p)
II) I have only projected to white walls inside my two apartments and it doesn’t need separate whitewall. And this was a 2014 model with significantly less ansi.

Note: I’m not a audiophile / film geek, so projector screen can probably improve the viewing experience somewhat but is definitely not necessary.


A piece of advice, o bought a pull up 100 inch screen with a tripod stand. While screen is great because of the size it is not that portable. Of portability is you main concern do not get spill up or pull down screen, best to look for either one you need to tie down or one that has a collapsible base that needs to be put together. They might take longer to set up but at least you can travel with them.

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The absolute cheapest would be a shower curtain, then do reverse projection through it.

What would be the optimal screen size for PPM on normal mode in a dark room (ceiling and walls are white colored)?
I thought of buying a 100 inch screen.

200” :smiley:

I bought this one on amazon:

It arrives Monday so we will see. I love the portability paired with clean design. And for the size and money it’s a great value!


I have an Elite Screens Yardmaster 2 OMS100HR2 ($225). It’s a 100" screen with collapsible aluminum frame, and the screen attaches using snap buttons, nice and taut, no sagging. Mine has the project-through translucent rear-projection screen, but I also added the front-projection screen Z-OMS100H2 ($100) as an add-on. The whole package comes in a carrying case roughly the size of a cello. Good for a car trunk or storage under the bed, but certainly not something you can carry with you in public transportation.


I’ve got the 60" version - very happy with it


Got a 100" Duronic from Amazon, rolls up into a tube and comes with velcro.

Stapled it to a mates fence for the last movie night. It’s cheap so I’m not worried about how long it will last doing it like that