When connecting Apple TV can you blue tooth to speaker?

Can I connect my Apple TV to the the pico max them put blue tooth on my speaker

If connecting using HDMI as the source you would need to Bluetooth the audio directly from the Apple TV. HDMI is a direct input to the projector engine and there for can not output audio to Bluetooth only to the internal speaker. This is a hardware limitation similar to 4 corner correction and can not be fixed.

That being said because the audio is going directly from the Apple tv to Bluetooth there should not be any lag.

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Indeed, Bluetooth audio from the apple tv is the only option and should prevent delays.

I cant hear anything ( any video, menu sounds and youtube works) through my PPMax when i connect my apple tv vis HDMI… any solutions?

Works fine, in your Apple TV 4K

You simply pair your BT Speaker/headset and connect to it in the Apple tv settings!
Also the Audio level is then controlled on the Apple remote.

Works fine for me, whst steps did you take and what Apple TV model are you using?

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