When does my Picomax get shipped? I'm in Canada

Backer 13,329th, in Canada. Ordered when it was on black Friday sale. Order has been locked for over a month. No updates, no shipping emails

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Hello, unfortunately we won’t be able to answer all demands for single ETA here or by emails.
You will receive an email as soon as you get shipped.

I received mine in the USA about two weeks ago. You should be also getting yours based on your backer number.

recieved mine also about two weeks ago, in Canada, was backer #5257 on sept. 1st, 2019

I’m #9916 and have not received mine as yet (USA)

As per your latest update, all deliveries will not be fulfilled by CNY, as planned earlier. While this is disappointing, understand the challenges and appreciate the honesty.

However, what is the new goal date for 100% fulfillment of all backers? please do not keep this open…you need to hold yourself accountable to deliver by defined timelines - that cannot remain undetermined…

I’m #6855 (in Germany) and haven’t received mine yet…

I’m #123 and haven’t received mine too (France)

Update 14 stated they where shipping to: US, Canada, HK, Singapore and the rest of the world. As per update 16 this became EU/Australia/New Zealand. It seems they litterally are sending it in order of those countries. Which is kinda disappointimg since some of the early backers need to wait even longer than some of the later ones. Anyhow im backer #4512 from EU and still waiting.

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Backer #7142 from Italy - no email received yet. Will update when I receive shipping info.

If anyone has received theirs in Canada, what was the VAT cost? I’m in Nova Scotia :slight_smile:

@tktones about 75$ CAD in QC

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Great!! that’s much cheaper than the VAT for Ireland ($145 CAD). I moved two weeks ago too this great country. Cant wait to build a Snow Projector Screen haha

I didn’t even think of a snow projector screen, that would be something to try, if anyone does please post pictures.

I am backer #8349 in Ontario. I got text messages suggesting I prepay $70 from DHL for a package that is supposed to arrive Monday. However - I never got a confirmation email that the item had shipped. Wasn’t I supposed to get one?

Getting text messages from DHL saying there is a $70ish fee (Ontario). Package hasn’t arrived yet but I think it’s safe to assume that those are the charges.

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That means they are half way to me. I would check the backerkit link or your spam folder a lot of people said they didn’t see the email come in.

I got my projector yesterday. #84xx in Toronto. I paid $70 tax

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Update: got my projector (southern Ontario) on Monday!

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I am #783 in the US and mine hasn’t shipped yet.