Why does the arrow button not work when selecting the menu?

Why does the arrow button not work when selecting the menu?

Are you either…

  • using a remote that has been paired with the PPM for Bluetooth communication, which currently shows up as connected within the list of such devices,

  • or, pointing the front of the remote towards the PPM’s receiver for IR communication?

If you are already doing at least one of the things above, you need to provide more information to diagnose your problem. For example, does the OK button work in the same menu? Does the focus button work? Volume? Can you press the button to activate the Airmote mouse pointer, and control its movement with the remote? Are you talking about the PPM’s own menu, or the menu in an app? Which app, in that case?

The Bluetooth pairing might need to be recreated after some time in storage, if you have no Bluetooth connection active. When I have done that I have turned Bluetooth off and on again on the PPM, told the PPM to forget the old pairing, and reset the remote by removing and replacing a battery. You might not need all those steps.

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Use the arrow points to select a topic and double click and it doesn’t work. The cause is because

Android doesn’t know the double click command.

When you use the mouse pointer button and point the arrow to select a topic.
Which button do you use to click?
The [OK] button or the [arrow] button?
You need to press the [arrow] button (single click) to activate the selected topic.

In general you need to use the [<] [>] [/\] [\/] [OK] [back] [menu] buttons to operate apps.
The [arrow] key is only for apps which don’t support it.


Thank you very much