Workaround: Tripod attachment stability and possible solution

Hi Philips and anyone interested in this topic, I’m sure you’ve all noticed the slight instability of the tripod attachment on the PPM by now. Can Philips or anyone with knowledge of 3D printing come up with a design of a simple adaptor that can stabilize the PPM on its tripod? I was able to put together some materials lying around and build a crude adaptor that worked very well with my camera tripod. This adaptor (pictures below) works well with the tripod provide with the PPM too. I am now able to make precise adjustments to PPM position easily as there is no wobble on the tripod. It would be great if someone could come up with a 3D printable design for such an adaptor!


It‘ll require a redesign of the bottom case to fix this. The tripod mount point of the PPM is moulded into a floating plastic grille. It’s the most obvious design flaw I’ve found so far. They should add some ribbing to the grille to make it much stiffer than it is now.

Your solution looks good, but arguably hinders airflow a little, so I‘m reluctant to basically reinforce the bottom with a more solid back plate.

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Good finding on the blocked airflow. Guess any back plate type adaptor will have to be designed to occupy only the non-airflow portion which is in the middle. Long term solution would be to redesign the base, but since I’m going to have to use this one as is, I would love to have a solid plastic adaptor which takes up both the step around the square portion and the step around the circumference of the nut. This in my opinion would lower the stress on the nut moulding and distributed the load over a wider area, ensuring PPM is always level with the tripod attachment head.

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I also noticed the small ‘bump’ at the bottom of the PPM, and decided to use a simple solution: I used a 10mm drilll on the plastic screw to make room for the bump. The thread is long enough, and now the platic screw fits nicely on the base of the PPM (see pics)