Worst user interface I've ever seen

Where to even start.

I set up the projector to project on my bed room ceiling and then find that there’s no way to control the projector with the remote while lying in bed. The remote Just doesn’t work unless it’s pointed directly at the projector which is impossible from my lying down position. Every tv of the last 30 years comes with a remote which can bounce the ir light off walls.

I paired a Bluetooth mouse to the projector and find that there’s no way to change the volume or brightness using the mouse. Apparently the only way to control the volume is by the remote. If you lose your remote, well, you’ve now got a 1000 dollar paper weight.

When i cast a YouTube video to the projector it plays the video and an overlay taking up half the screen appears and says it encountered an error and do i want to report this to Google. No. Fuck off and just play the damn video.

And the mouse wheel doesn’t work either.

And in many of the built in apps like Aptoide, the options in the left can’t be clicked using the mouse. Same thing with the built in YouTube app. I have to get out of bed to do any of that.

I want to return this retarded thing after throwing it down a flight of stairs

Have you tried pairing the remote and use the Bluetooth on the remote?

Pairing remote and speaker via Bluetooth causes audio dropout


All you need to know for first use here:

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What a world we live in when instead of simply asking about a solution, people like OP just jump to call something “the worst” while using some weird methods they invented and blame others when they don’t work properly


But he has a point that this thing is not working out of the box. Instead you have to look for solutions. I also think that is a problem.

I have the same you tube casting problems like him. Is there a solution for it?

The UI of a firetv stick is really much better


I agree the UI takes some getting used to. BTW, regarding the volume issue: If you look closely you’ll notice the projector has a trackpad on top, with some touch buttons. This includes Volume Down and Volume Up. It does mean you have to get out of bed, though :wink:

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Man, you give up too easily :smile:
The user interface is not the best but it’s not the worst,

First, you should connect the remote to the projector via bluetooth. It’s not your fault you do not know this though. Philips should have really prioritized implementing the welcome wizard/easysetup.
Second, IR signal does bounce off walls, it works for me and I use it for turning on the projector. I think you just need a more powerful battery. The battery that came with it might not be good enough.

You can change the volume using the touch buttons on the projector or connect a keyboard with volume controls.

Casting to youtube is a known issue and will be fixed in the future. Actually, this issue only happens the first time you cast, you can press back and out of the error page and then try to play the video again from your phone. Sadly, even if it works, casting this way will give you a not so smooth playback. For a better casting experience (for now), link the youtube app to your phone by setting it up in the youtube app’s settings,

I can’t remember if mouse wheel does work but if it’s not, it’s probably a limitation of the app or android. Not sure about clicking, I don’t encounter that when using mouse mode.

In any case, you are free to return your projector…well if you’re still within the time frame :slight_smile:


No bluetooth device whatsoever works out of the box without being paired first!
Your argument is lacking logic.


Wow! The pinnacle of consumerism entitlement! Seriously, dude, take a moment to be thankful that you live in a day and age where this kind of technology is even available to you. And especially that you are privileged enough to afford and consume it. The scale of your problem really doesn’t justify the language and attitude you present in your post. :sweat_smile:


I don’t recall the Apple TV remote requiring so much setup to use. The PicoMax remote setup is definitely a process that could be improved.


I don’t recall the price range of an Apple TV and its remote being in the same price range you paid for your PPM.

Aren’t you comparing apples with potatoes?

Just because it’s cost 3x as much doesn’t mean it should be 3x more complicated to setup/use.

There’s definitely room for improvement, I was without Wifi and the Air remote for months due to setup quirks I needed to come on here to research and find answers for.

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I guess you say that from the point of view of a Hardware and Software Engineer with experience in developing such systems.

And when you say that, you also consider this is a beta product from both hardware and software point of view.
Do you know how many issues do Apple products have in such a stage?
Or the difference in the budgets for the engineering teams? And/or size of the engineering teams?

Did you just call Philips a potatoe? :wink:


shhhh!!! :shushing_face:
don’t tell them that! I’m still waiting for the second device :joy: