WPA3 support in PicoPix 620 V1

I am going through and upgrading all devices on my network to support WPA3 security. It appears that the PPX620V1 displays networks that are WPA3 only, and will attempt to connect, but does not complete SAE key exchange according to logs on my access points.

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Is my observation correct that PPX620V1 firmware does not yet support WPA3? Is there plans to upgrade the included wpa_supplicant implementation to allow WPA3 support?

Relevant documentation: WPA3 และ Wi-Fi Enhanced Open  |  Android Open Source Project

Hello @fhteagle we’d love to add WPA3 support. Unfortunately this was only added in Android 10, while PicoPix Max runs Android 9. Due to technical limitations it’s not possible to upgrade to newer Android versions. Sorry that it’s not better news.