Youtube casting not working, untrusted device

Youtube casting is not working from phone,

I get an untrusted device error,

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I have deleted and updated the chromecast build in app but nothing changes,

In fact I noticed when I deleted the app, casting still worked from my laptop, indicating it did not change anything about the casting part.

It only does not work from the youtube app in my phone

Unfortunately you can’t install the Chromecast Built-in app to a projector that is not fully Google Certified, with GMS and GAPP.

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So this means that casting from Youtube from mobile phones not working is a known issue?

Or should I try update the firmware manually to see whether reinstalling the firmware fixes it?

Hello, the only way to use Youtube is with Screen Mirroring fonction.
You can use the AIRPLAY system from the PicoPix Max.

How come this isn’t resolved yet?

Unfortunately this will never be solved as the PicoPix Max is not Google certified and doesn’t have the GMS.

A lot of much cheapest devices from Amazon have Youtube casting feature working well.
Youtube casting is the very important feature for many projector users

unfortunately not, those projectors can do only screen mirroring, not casting. Same with the PicoPix Max, you can go to Settings>Screen Mirroring> IOS and activate it.
Then on your iPhone you can use the Screen Mirroring feature (from the curtain) and use YouTube like this: