YouTubeTV Sideload

Anyone able to successfully sideload YouTubeTV?

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No need to sideload. It comes with version 1.0.25 so you may just need to update to latest release.
It works well and I was able to log in and view my libraries, subscriptions etc on youtube.

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I think they meant YouTube TV not YouTube. It’s the live TV service. I also want to know if someone can get the app working on the PPM. Please let us know.

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Oh sorry. You are right. I read as YouTube.

If you go to the Aptoide Store and scroll down far enough in Entertainment, there is an app for YoutubeTV
(live TV Service). You just need to find the correct app. I downloaded last night, and it works perfectly.

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Found that version on the apotide store, It seems to work for about an hour, but after that it locks up the projector and I have to force shutdown while holding the power button for 30+ seconds.

Only watched for about 30 min. Will check again tonight, when I get home

it seems to be related to the YoutubeTV app as I was able to run netflix until the battery died after and hour and 35 min.

Found You Tube TV on Aptoide installed it but when I try to play it says " YouTube TV cannot run without Google play services which are not supported by your device."
I have a YouTube TV account, any suggestions? Thanks

Found a second YouTubeTV app and it works great. Now I have to figure out how to remove the unwanted YouTubeTV from my home screen. Anyone know how to do that. Thanks

select the app, hit the menu button (3 dashes stacked) on the remote, choose uninstall.

Thanks Guardian, that was easy.

Hi Greg which one for YouTubeTV app? Don’t have PPM yet, but good to be informed. Thkx.

Someone wrote.Two you tube apps ? Which one works ?
How to sign in?
Can one update ?

Which is the correct you tube app?
Can we sign in to that ?

They are talking about YouTube TV a subscription based TV service just like Netflix etc not the regular YouTube, and I don’t think the service is available outside the United States, for regular YouTube the preinstalled app works very well.

Thx…it can be upgraded ? How do u sign in…any special instructions