1.0.29 software now downloadable

Just check your projector :+1:


I’ve tried 3 times but it fails. I’ll try the offline approach.

I managed to update mine over WiFi. It stopped half way, but restarted fine and completed.

Server congestion most likely due to many users trying? :man_shrugging:t4:

Heh at least serving static files should not be an issue, but what do you know :smiley:

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By an amazing stroke of genius the update system needs a Tomcat server to serve a zip file statically, because they put custom info in the headers what could’ve been part of the GET request. :man_shrugging: As soon as my hands are free I will replace it with a faster system. On the server infra it also costs a bomb to release every update.


Ouch, S3 + cloudfront (or Google equivalent) would be much simpler. Good luck and fingers crossed for a successful migration :slight_smile:

Likewise (replying to first poster saying they can’t get projector to successfully download the update, so want to try offline). Can’t find the firmware available for download via philips website though - anyone got a link?

See this: INFO: How to do offline software update?

The link despite showing 21, actually downloads 29 :smiley:

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Sorry, just being cautious. I wouldn’t recommend downloading from unofficial sites.
Download from them AT YOUR OWN RISK. :smile:


I was just writing a message about the same thing. I would be really wary of downloading firmware from unofficial sources. I’m sure @Piotrek_Okonski is just trying to help, but I still don’t think it’s a good idea.

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Sure, I can add CRC32 and Nono could post CRC32 of the official file :slight_smile:

I would need 15 years, not 15 miunutes to change that firmware into something malicious :laughing:

Something a bad person would say :stuck_out_tongue:
Sadly, it’s the world we now live in :smile:
Hopefully Philips will improve their system update infrastructure.

Please remove the links @Piotrek_Okonski, cause before you know it someone will manage to actually use your links and might then share those on FB, Telegram, Reddit or wherever else they might go and then others might say that Philips is distributing files via filesharing systems instead of a proper solution, etc etc.



Thanks, I suspect you mean well, and wasn’t even thinking about the issues noted by the others above (although I do agree with them, I always prefer official sources over any shared methods)

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Does it require to make it available in worldwide? it told me that my version was the latest but mine is just 1.0.27

Yes… mine is version 27 too. How did we miss version 28 and now to install version 29?

It was never released to the public. That’s completely normal and nothing to worry about.


We just went with BOX which just so happens to be the most expensive cloud storage but they do provide most streaming services around the world and are very fast for what it is. It’s just a bit of a pain to do anything advance with.