1.1.0 Bugs list

Since we didn’t get to beta test 1.1.0 …

Clock incorrectly shows 0852am instead of the correct time of 2052 or 0852pm in launcher 1.4.0 settings menu.

Still unable to write to 3 different FAT32 microsd cards: 8, 16 , and 32gb from various brands. All checked in Linux laptop with F3 to verify they were not fake sized, no bad blocks, then used gparted to clean reformat to FAT32 after the f3 test. I am 100% sure this is a PPM issue. No idea if my unit has been hardware damaged by overheating events or if it is software issue. I suspect the latter based on the error message in xplore and the fact that others have reported this issue on this forum, though.

Manual keystone correction not saved from one power off to next power on.

GPU fix does not persist on reboots. You always have to toggle off and on the automatic keystone correction.

Yes. [vendor.hwc.compose_policy] is set to [0] again after reboot. Toggling Automatic keyston off on brings it back to 6.

I reported this last night and got this answer:


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Added the cannot write to SD error to OP list.