A way to turn off the lamp

As my PPM is settling into my home, I have an odd request for a projector: can I turn off the lamp, screensaver-style?

For me, Kodi makes a nice way to play music, but it feels wrong to have the projector on all day to listen to music.So I would like the Android system to remain “on” and playing music, with the “display” (lamp) switched off.

There is an undocumented feature that makes this happen. However, I and many other users have been having huge issues with this, especially with the lamp coming back on without any cooling fan and overheating the unit. Hopefully this will be fixed so proper screensaver / lamp off functionality can be restored.


I voted, but I see this as a projector, not a music speaker. While my TV also has an option to turn off the image but keep the sound, I find it dangerous as I may not know if the TV is actually off or not.

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Think of it this way: nothing should be dangerous about an SoC running Android.

“Should” being the little loophole you can drive a truck through.

This wish is quite simiilar to this one I posted some time ago: add a standby / resume function from the remote control. It’s perhaps more efficient to join our votes?
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Similar but not the same. Feel free to campaign for this wish on your wish’s thread, and to post yours here though.

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I would have found this feature useful during a meeting recently. I wanted to start up an app (running on the PPM) before the meeting, log in and switch to a certain part of the app, to keep it ready. However, before we talked about that, I wanted to go through the normal “starting points” of the meeting. During that initial part of the meeting it was not helpful to have the image active on the wall.


just let it fall on its side from the included tripod like i did. no more problem with the lamp being on too much anymore… :pensive: