Adaptive Fan in A/C Only Mode

Most of us use this device on A/C, so to prevent the battery from unnecessarily wearing out, [ the battery inside should be disconnected or fully charged ] and then bypassed.

Request: The fan’s adaptive behavior should be applied to A/C only mode instead of only being applied during battery mode.

Currently the fan speeds will only be adaptive when in battery mode. In A/C mode it spins at full speed all the time.

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It looks like the fan algorithm WORKS with the battery disconnected.

I’m not sure about whether the fan algorithm works when both the battery is full and AC Adapter is Connected.

could you kindly let us know how easy it is to disconnect the battery? And perhaps pictures to illustrate? Thanks!


I agree, on AC fan is spinning faster even in energy saver mode. Also, ça you Please allow the user to dimm the projector Light ?


Please @Philips_Support_N response to this very important question - why fan spinning faster when AC is connected? I think reason is that the brightness is also increasing but I need low fan noise not brighter screen. The only solution right now is to switch to battery


Just set to ECO mode, mine is whisper quiet.

Plugged in ECO mode is bright enough for coding work.

Any news on this topic? Has anyone been able to activate adaptive fan spinning while connected to A/C?

My only solution at the moment to reduce the noise is to disconnect the power cable each time I use the projector but this is a bit annoying…

No news, it requires firmware modification.
Philips team is quiet, I hope they are still working on firmware updates…

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@IvoGrijt can you please confirm that the fan noise is lower when ppx is on battery? Can we have this noise level when it is on A/C? Thanks

1 of the 4 LEDs turn off in Battery mode, so less heat is generated, so the fan speed is lowered, so the noise is lowered.

In AC mode without battery connected, even the ECO Mode is bright enough to work and it’s almost silent.

Why not use ECO mode in AC?

I need the lowest noise level - and I can do it only by running ppx on battery. But I would like to have that even when it is on AC - so an Eco+ mode.

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You must have super hearing. When it’s in eco mode I can not hear the fan noise

it is also a matter or proximity. some people have their units fairly close to their heads (right above the couch for example), hence it does become fairly audible.

I am still routing for unified fan performance (ac or battery) as well as an option to limit / turn off battery charging while plugged in