Adoptable Storage

Ive searched everywhere, but cannot find any confirmation of Adoptable storage.

I’d like to use my 128G microSD card formatted to adoptable storage so my PPM would essentially have 128G of internal storage.

Anyone who has received their PPM done this yet?

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Hi @myminirocks what do you mean by adoptable storage? Ya you can plug a 128gb sd card, it should work. But don’t do a factory reset with it plugged in, there’s a bug that will erase the sd card on factory reset.

On previous Android days there where a few smartphones where you could add an microsd-card and they where merged with the internal storage. At the end you got an virtual /data partition which could be used by Android even for installing apps etc


Adoptable storage is an Android feature since Marshmallow if I remember correctly. It allows you to extend the internal storage using the SD card. The SD card cannot be removed after this “adoption” has taken place. I’m not sure if it’s been taken out in Android 9, but it might be as simple as it’s not being enabled in the PPM. Easiest to check whether Settings / Storage / / Options / Storage settings shows “Format as internal” as an option under “Format”.

Edit: yes, what @SchmuFoo said!


Yup, spot on. Basically merges the internal 16G and whatever sized microSD card you use into one ‘internal storage’.

I have a Laser Beam Pro C200, with the 16G internal storage, and with the operating system installed etc, there is only about 9G available, which fills up very fast (and slows down the system) once you install a few apps.

I use a 128G SD adopted and never have to thing about storage ever again. All my presentations, movies/home movies, TV shows etc are stored on the device itself accessed thru PowerPoint/Plex/Kodi.

Sure I can plug in a USB, or swap out SD’s etc, but having 128G of onboard ‘internal’ storage makes it a truely self sufficient device.

Anyone had a chance to test?

Just an update on this, I received my PPM max yesterday and first thing I did was pop in my 128G SanDisk Extreme Ultra.

I accessed the hidden Android settings (Under About, software version, hit OK 5 times)

I then went to Storage, and selected my Sandisk, the option to format it as “Device Storage” was there, and on selecting Format as device storage the warning that the card would not work in anything else popped up (Like adoptable storage)

I formatted it as device storage, and the last step was to move all data tot he card.

So in short, it looks like it worked!

My PPM now has a total of 140Gb internal storage!!


Great! I take it you can’t remove the card just like that anymore though, like if you want to insert another card to read files off of?

Yup, precisely. The Card MUST Stay in there now.

This was how I had my laser Beam Pro set up, with a 128G SD card as internal storage, and then used the USB port for any ‘on the go’ portable storage.

I use an Adam Elements iKlips Wizard when I’m on the road so I can work on presentations and switch from my iPad, to my Laptop and then still hand over a “USB Stick” to the presenter/media support people at whatever conference venue I am presenting at. It just about the best little tech purchase I have EVER made. (No affiliation)


What is the best way to move data to the card?

I found this post because I accidentally formatted an sd card without reading the warning carefully, but did manage to get the card working on other devices again,

I did remove the card and used other sd cards after, but now it just shows the sandisk storage as not inserted and when clicked on it gives the option to remove it

They don’t make it easy for you to buy it, clicking on get it now or the bag icon keeps popping up new tabs but iKlips wizard can’t be found even in search, it doesn’t even say if it’s out of stock.

No, I also tried for a while to find out how to buy it but gave up in the end. Perhaps @myminirocks can give us some tips on how to find it?

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The last step of the formatting SD card to internal storage will pop up with the option to move everything to the card, should just be part of the step through on screen process.

I think you can remove the card, and the device will still boot up, but it will be buggy as hell because all sorts of pits and pieces for all your apps etc are installed on the SD card

And yes, AdamElements make some really beautiful gear, but their website is horrendous!

I ended up buying the iKlips Wizard from here:

Does all that mean that you can use sd-cards ONLY as extended storage (i.e. keeping them in all the time) instead of playing different films from different cards? In that case I must really get a HUGE card - does 2TB REALLY work?

Do big mkv-files (>20 GB) work, including the choice of languages & subtitles?

And when playing a movie from SD, does the audio out (for headphones & external speakers) work?

Thanks in advance!