Australia & New Zealand

In Update #17, EU and AU/NZ were identified as the next shipping destinations. Is this still the case, and when are the AU/NZ shipments being made?


I am very excited and feel impatient, but at the same time rather have the best product I can. I’m still happy to wait. Luckily the address I’m using is very stable and monitored as I am travelling a lot…

Last I heard, they got the certified AU plug, I hope they ship before Chinese New Year.

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I wonder if they’ll ship all the Aussie orders at once or just the earliest backers.

I think just the earliest backer, i read it somewhere in Facebook group it goes by country and then by contribution id…

I wonder if the next batch will just be for EU, in the earlier update they said EU and AU

@Philips_Support_P are you able to give an update on Australia & New Zealand shipping please? I see that an EU one has made and we understood that we were also supposed to be next. Do you now have the required plugs? Thanks

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@Philips_Support_N would you be able to give us some insight like you have with Europe please?

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@Philips_Support_P or @Philips_Support_N, can you please provide an update on shipping to Australia and New Zealand? As I understand it there are no logistical issues holding shipping back any more?


@Philips_Support_N, update #17 says the current shipment batch is for EU and AU, is this still the case?

@Philips_Support_P & @Philips_Support_N, please guys give us some update.

With the amount @Philips_Support_N is replying on the EU shipping thread and not here I’d say it’s looking like they may have gotten the units that were shipping to Australia…hopefully they provide an update.

we have now the box ready for Australia and NZ as it requires another plug. We will push the next batch to you guys at the end of this week. Let me keep you posted


@Philips_Support_N great to hear! Will this cover the full extent of the Australian orders? I can’t imagine there would be anywhere near as many coming here compared to the EU/US etc.

will try to send around 500-700 pieces to you guys


@Philips_Support_N Do you know what backer number this will cover to?

Thank you! To confirm, the end of this week being Friday 17 January?

thanks for the update. will NZ be included in this as well? can’t wait!

Yes, please include NZ in the next shipment!

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500-700 units sounds amazing. Thank you! How many Australian backers are there? Are you able to tell us?

Can’t Wait!!