Auto focus inconsistent

I find the auto focus inconsistent. Sometimes it is working and some times no matter how you adjust, it won’t focus. Why?

Arrghh. I am fed up with the auto focus. It’s not working. Why is there no hardware focus when you need it!!??

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Another issue: after pressing the auto-focus and turning the focus wheel left and right, it soon became slowed to respond. Like lagged. Even restarting the projector won’t help. How to restore it?

I even did a factory restore and the lagged auto-focus still remained. Please advise soonest. Also the hardware auto focus is not working already. No matter how I turn the focus.

Hi @ronaldtai, sorry to hear that.

Can you please record a short video clip for us?

If it never ever focuses (auto or manual) then it’s the infamous broken focus gear. But if it does focus, but inconsistently, we need to check if it’s a hardware issue, or a problem of the lighting etc.

Hi Philips. Thanks for your response. The focusing software seemed lagged now. Like there’s a heavy accumulation of commands. It didn’t behave like that previously. All very fluid. I am not sure if it’s a hardware or software issue.

I did factory reset already one time, but the lag on the auto-focus and left-right minor adjustment still remained.

It does focus inconsistently. Sometimes it work and sometimes it failed to focus at all.

There’s no loose part sound when I move the device .

How do I send the video to you? In have the video done but not able to upload here. It states here I can only upload jpeg files.

I’ve enabled uploading of video files, can you upload now?

Or you can also send it as a private message to me, or email to and write this post URL and/or your username.

Sent via email

Now no matter how I manual focus, no blurring and sharpening. No focusing action also when I relocate the projection. The focus target did appear but no auto focusing.

Here is a video of the auto focus on mine. It never actually focus clearly, I always have to manually adjust it to reach good focus (otherwise text are always blurry).

Note: I had manually adjusted the focus before starting to record. First focus done in the video is auto only, second focus is manually adjusted (you can hear the clicks of the remote).

I created another topic, but I have issues with my auto focus and manual focus too. It simply will not focus.

I have pictures and videos of the issue at this link:

Used the projector for less than 3 hours when these issues to showed up.

Probably have to do an exchange?

@Guidone It is working as it should mate. The auto focus may need more work to fine tune. That’s where for the moment, you can manually tune it more. My case is quite different, the auto/manual at times will fail to initiate at all, no matter how I tried to tune it, there’s no physical movement in the ppm. I think yours is working perfectly, at least on the hardware side.

@moltenbullet Hi mate. I reviewed your videos. What did you use to take the video? If it’s a camcorder, I think it’s own auto focus is interfering with your testing. I can see in most cases, you focused at the ’foreground objects’ while leaving the ppm screen blurred. Maybe you can off your video auto focus to manual?

Thanks for the reply.

I was using my phone to record the videos (I don’t think any one I know even has a camcorder these days, but I digress).

My phone’s auto-focus wasn’t the issue. As you may note, the bed frame, wall switch, and table edge are all in focus though they are on the same plane as the projection.

However, to eliminate reasonable doubts, I have recorded another 3 videos and made sure to turn off my phone’s auto focus. Therefore, the only image focusing you see in the following is done by the projector.
Vid 1:
Vid 2:
Vid 3:

In Vid 1, the image comes into focus just very briefly, as it does its auto-focus adjustment. But then it lands on a blur image. Thereafter, in the same video and the next two, you will note that it never manages to focus.

If vid 2 looks blur, trust me when I say it wasn’t my phone’s camera. The projection image is actually even more blur in person. vid 3 is a slightly wider shot.

@moltenbullet Yes I can see clearly now. The auto focus did not get it right at the end. Mine will at least get focused. Did you try the manual there after? What about under different lighting conditions?

Now that my projector focus is done, I avoid activating the focus or touching the projector so that I keep the current setting. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. When turning on, the auto focus is slightly off and words appear fuzzy or blurry. If I push the focus button, it adjusts, but still the image is not sharp.
BTW… I am projecting on the wall, not a projection screen.

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I am projecting to wall also. The fact that the device did try to auto focus means the physical mechanism is working. Try moving the ppm closer or further to see if it can auto-focus and try different location. You can also nudge the focus with the left and right buttons next to the OK button at the remote.

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Got the same issue and it’s annoying!
Maybe a firmware thing or a defective unit, will try to find out if i need a replacement unit or not.

Looks like autofocus steps past the sweet spot (optimal focus) even if pressed a couple of times! When pressing the manual focus it is very hard to find the sweet spot, feels like very hard to get that crisp image! Maybe focus wheel moves to fast even in manual mode.

Did try different distances!
(Texts are a bit blurry in general.)


That is exactly the focus problem I have. When I watch the unit doing the auto focus, I see a very good spot, but it goes a little bit past it, as you mentioned. Also, I have the same problem when trying to manually focus. Cannot get it to project a “crisp image” as you said.

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One thing that makes me wonder!
Even if you did optimize it Manually after autofocus and it don’t look that sharp!

It’s mostly the GUI main screen that looks bad, (Maybe caused by scaling up graphics used.)
Did play a HD (1080p) HVEC video in VLC and that do look sharp, so maybe media in Full HD / HDMI Playback looks ok?

Need to test this more…

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Same issue as you guys. I see the auto focus reaching a “sweet spot” but it doesn’t stop there. I usually need to left/right couple of clicks to get it right. Minor inconvenience so I live with it for now.

Firmware v1.0.27. Energy saving mode. 100-inch image projected onto white wall.