Battery appeared to expand

I want philips find and put up here in the forum an compatible battery we can buy and replace it ourself

Or someone find a compatible battery we can use

Hello, please reach us by email:

Since last August I have asked/write for the replace of dangerous battery contained in your video projector but, as of today, nothing yet!

Finally, after only few months just arrived a new battery… :no_mouth: Battery placed in my PPX and works again!

You replaced on your own or supplied by Philips?

Obviously replaced by myself; Philips, if under warranty, replaces all PPX.

OK. No surprise there. I no longer considered Philips a proper brand.

Hello Sergio, the battery has been sent by us right ?

Yes of course… Shipped from Switzerland to Italy.

Well… Good for you mate. My ppm couldn’t be charged anymore. I suspect the charging circuit got fried. So I contacted Philips and they asked me to go look for a 3rd party to service their manufactured product. All because the warranty has expired. I offered to pay for all expenses to get my unit fixed and all Philips can say is 'they are sorry but can’t help their customer '. Bitterly disappointed.

Interesting. The battery is from GP.
Maybe offtopic but is the battery in the ppmax the same as the ppmax one?
If you’re technical enough, it is cheaper and better for the environment to let sending Philips a new battery…

Unfortunately Philips doesn’t take the trouble (for this almost 1000 euro product) to repair it, despite fine European directives!
The only alternative to not make it unusable is to have the replacement sent (cost over 60 euros) and replace it yourself as I did … With a wait of over 6 months and dozens of emails!

You could search for that battery online. Or contact GP?

Some proper bloating going on here. I wonder if this PicoPix can still be fixed.

Why do you wait so long… Pcb can have damages or cable tear… A LiPo battery need to be removed when bloated…